“I like the little guy. He didn’t have the money behind him like she did.”
-Paula Bennett, Republican schoolteacher, on why she is voting for Democrat Jerry Brown. A new poll was released this weekend showing Brown’s lead over Republican Meg Whitman growing

“Those guys can never agree on anything in Sacramento. I am tired of watching them play games and waiting to see who makes the first move. Getting to two-thirds never happens.”
-Edgar Duran, Fontana, California voter, on his support for Proposition 25, which would lower the votes needed to pass the state budget from 2/3 to a simple majority

“I just got done with a 100-day budget process, negotiating with what I thought was the biggest jerk in the world.”
-John A. Perez, Democratic Assembly Speaker from Los Angeles, on having to negotiate the budget with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger

“I went to the library with my son and it was closed. I think a lot of these cops are ex-jocks who like hobnobbing around with the athletes.”
-Jay Keehan, writer of a public letter protesting Santa Clara police officers’ escorting the 49ers to and from San Jose’s airport without reimbursement from the team

“…unless the team ownership is prepared to make a longer term commitment to the city, the idea that the taxpayers of San Francisco are going to foot the bill for millions of dollars of new luxury boxes and TV flat screens is straight out of the fantasy football league.”
-Tony Winnicker, Gavin Newsom’s press secretary, on the 49ers’ need to extend their Candlestick Park lease due to delays in financing a new Santa Clara stadium

“So many people want to get into the business, and even aside from actually selling it you have packaging needs, management needs, bookkeeping needs. You have every single industry gearing up for the next dot-com boom.”
-Robert Jacob, operator of a medical marijuana dispensary in Sebastopol, on entrepeneurs’ gearing up to get in the pot game should Proposition 19 pass

“Smoke doesn’t know it’s just supposed to stay put.”
-Serena Chen, policy director for the American Lung Association in California, on Santa Clara County’s strict anti-smoking plan for unincorporated areas

“I think that’s ridiculous. I can understand being a good neighbor in terms of minimizing the impact of your smoke. I can’t imagine them telling you what you can do inside your own home.”
-David Souza, homeowners’ association president for a complex of town homes that would be affected by the rules

Today’s Quotes: A Republican for Jerry, Dem Speaker Calls Arnold ‘Biggest Jerk in the World’ 25 October,2010Jon Brooks


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