“In order for me to move back (the pipeline) will have to be removed. I can’t go to bed at night knowing that pipeline is there.”
-Tina Pellegrini, whose house was destroyed in the San Bruno gas fire, at a press conference today announcing that PG&E is committed to moving the pipeline

“I think Ms. Andre underestimated the power of the gay press. A combination of the deficit at Pride, the beverage issues, and the issue of openness and transparency were the perfect storm that led to the resignations.”
-Bevan Dufty, San Francico supervisor, on the resignation of Amy Andre as executive director of San Francisco Pride

“(Google is flying a banner of doing no evil, and then they’re perpetrating evil under our noses.”
-Abraham J. Briloff, professor emeritus of accounting at Baruch College, on the complicated tax structure that significantly reduces the company’s tax liability

“We’re super-stoked. We said we needed to have change, a revolution, and run the contest for the surfers, by the surfers.”
-Kenny “Skindog” Collins, 42-year-old Santa Cruz surfer, on a new surfer-run company taking over the Mavericks’ surfing competition

“I am not good. I don’t want them to be like me.”
-Hassan Zaher, 36-year-old janitor, discussing his lack of computer skills and his hope for his children’s. Zaher lives in a Tenderloin housing complex in which residents have been given free Wi-Fi by a Washington non-profit.


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