“There have been two Meg Whitmans in this campaign. In the primary, she was so much more to the right, particularly on immigration. So a lot of Republicans are scratching their heads and wondering: ‘Where did she go?”
-Larry Berman, UC Davis political science professor, on a new poll showing Whitman down by eight points to Jerry Brown

“The old liberal versus conservative, Republican versus Democrat, economy versus environment arguments no longer apply after this fight. Those divisions should start breaking down nationally as well.”
-Steven Maviglio, a spokesman for the campaign against Proposition 23, on a poll showing that the initiative, which would suspend global warming legislation, is substantially behind

“Children in these neighborhoods get assaulted, shot at, traumatized, and then swept up in this arms race of escalation. Before you know it, you have a war-zone neighborhood. Fear leads to fear, which leads to pre-emptive assault.”
-James Garbarino, trauma expert at Loyola University, quoted in an Oakland Tribune article reporting that it is statistically safer to be deployed in an American military base in Afghanistan or Iraq than in East Oakland and some other American neighborhoods

“It’s just a feeling I’ve got right now. This team, everyone here just feels like something like that was going to happen. We keep thinking we’re going to come through and we keep doing it.”
-Madison Bumgarner, Giants pitcher, after last night’s 6-5 ninth inning win

“We’re right in the middle of a playoff, New York, Texas, San Francisco, L.A., would you go up to one of those players tap him on the shoulder and say suppose you lose? Would you if you were in a fight, if you were in the ring, say what if I lose? No. No, I intend to win.”
-Nancy Pelosi on Charlie Rose last night

“I know the city is hard-pressed for cash, but this was not the right place to come looking for it.”
-Dave Nee, co-founder of The Other Change of Hobbit bookstore, on the Berkeley City Council’s Adeline Street parking meter moratorium. Business has decreased substantially since the meters were installed in August.

“When the Santa Clara plan falls apart, San Francisco stands ready to welcome its 49ers home. But we will not wait forever.”
-Gavin Newsom on the 49ers’ announcement that a Santa Clara stadium will be delayed until the NFL signs a collective bargaining agreement with the Players Union

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