• The Snitch takes Philadelphia Inquirer columnist John Gonzales to task for his rather harsh criticism of Giants’ fans who greeted Barry Bonds with a warm welcome during his introduction before Tuesday’s game. From the column:

    As Bonds walked onto the field at AT&T Park before San Francisco’s disheartening 3-0 Game 3 win, he was greeted with an impossibly warm welcome. The crowd rose and clapped as though it was hailing a conquering war hero who had just returned from fighting fascists overseas.

    Some people think the natives are numb or maybe clueless to what Bonds represents. They aren’t. They know full well how Bonds is perceived outside the Bay Area, and they’re equally aware of how supporting him makes them look. They understand that he was chemically enhanced and then accused of lying about his conduct to a grand jury. They get it. They just don’t care.

    It was a remarkable thing to behold – tens of thousands of people applauding a man who’s much more than a common cheat. Bonds has become the symbol of everything that was wrong with baseball during a ridiculous two-decade stretch that went from scandalous to sad to an SNL-worthy sketch comedy skit. The only thing that could have made Bonds’ laughable public denial about taking steroids funnier was if he had joined Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, Rafael Palmeiro and the rest of the finger-wagging stooges when they went to Washington to testify before Congress.

    Watch Giants fans cheer for Bonds and Bonds’ lauding of the 2010 team in these MLB videos.

  • Berkeleyside reports on the city’s moratorium on parking meters on Adeline Street between Woolsey and Alcatraz. Neighborhood stores have suffered a substantial drop in business since the meters were installed in August.
  • San Francisco’s Aquarius Records, famous for its lovingly crafted recommendations that appear on CDs for sale, celebrates its 40th anniversary on Monday, 7X7 informs us. A blowout (and sold out) “show at Cafe Du Nord featuring the current darlings of the California music scene, Best Coast, and local acts the Mantles, Lumerians and more,” will mark the occasion.
  • Valleywag posts an It Gets Better video from gay, lesbian, and transsexual employees at Google. Started by columnist Dan Savage and his partner, It Gets Better aggregates video messages of support aimed at LGBT youth.
  • The SFist didn’t think much of today’s statewide earthquake drill.
Blog Beat: Bonds’ Fans Excoriated, Aquarius Records’ 40th, Google ‘It Gets Better’ Video 21 October,2010Jon Brooks


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