“I hardly need to say more than that. It’s hearsay. It’s not reliable.”
-Judge Virginia Phillips, speaking to AP about her statement that the government’s request to stay her injunction of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell had “significant failings,” including offering into evidence a Rolling Stone interview in which President Obama said the policy had to be repealed in an orderly way

“This is one of the most amazing, almost absurd, campaigns I’ve ever been involved in. People can’t even agree on what’s in the thing, so how can we ask voters?”
-Ken Tray, political director of the United Educators of San Francisco, on uncertainty over whether Proposition B would affect teachers’ health care costs

“For the life of me, I can’t figure out why they’re saying that teachers would be included in Prop. B when they’re specifically not included. It’s cut-and-dried. It’s not a matter of opinion.”
-Jeff Adachi, Proposition B’s primary sponsor

“There’s no significant difference between public and private sector workers in California… It’s basically a wash.”
-Sylvia Allegretto, co-author of a report comparing government employee and private worker compensation, summarizing the findings

-“The primary purpose of the incentive mechanism is to spur utility management and investors to support and expand energy efficiency programs and savings by providing a reasonable level of profits related to their efforts.”
-John Bohn, commissioner on the California Public Utilities Commission, in his proposal to grant PG&E an additional $40 million in incentive payments for decreasing customer energy use. An Administrative Law Judge ruled last month that the utility was not due additional money.

“Energy efficiency has become a gravy train for the utility companies. They already collect billions from customers to run these programs, but are not delivering enough bang for customers’ bucks.”
-Mark Tony, executive director of the Utility Reform Network, on PG&E’s request

“What’s really scary is that nearly three years after our current recession began in December 2007 it doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of abating.”
-Christopher Wimer of the Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality, on a new economic distress index showing that San Francisco has suffered worse in the current downturn than during the dot-com bust

“We may have to give up some of our long-time suppliers. They want everything to be green and healthy, so that’s what we aim to do.”
-Tom Hontalas, co-owner of Louis’ Restaurant, a San Francisco landmark, on environmental provisions in his new lease with the National Park Service

“You got me. Go ask him yourself.”
-Aaron Rowand, Giants’ outfielder, on whether manager Bruce Bochy was going to insert him into today’s lineup

“California desperately needs a dynamic, yet practical, leader for governor who has a blueprint to revive the state’s troubled business climate and a realistic plan to streamline government and balance the state’s budget without undermining essential public services. Unfortunately, there is no such person on this year’s ballot.”
-The Contra Costa Times, in its endorsement of Meg Whitman

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