“There’s a reason people think that the Democrats are going to lose these houses. The reason is you.”
-Bill Clinton, speaking to Democratic supporters at a San Jose rally for Jerry Brown. A recent poll has shown a big enthusiasm gap between Democratic and Republican voters this election cycle.

“Conservatives here don’t take it for granted. They’re in the middle of the belly of the liberal beast, truly.”
– Bridget Melson, founder and president of the Pleasanton-NorCal Tea Party, on projected Republican gains, at a rally this weekend

“About 30 percent of the tower’s electricity will come from solar panels when the sun is shining. It will use an underground system for heating and air conditioning.”
-Ian Gregor, FAA spokesman, on Oakland airport’s planned $33 million “green” air-traffic control tower

“We’re all getting pitches to hit. We’re fouling them off, and he’s hitting them.”
-Aubrey Huff, Giants’ first baseman, on the prodigious playoff hitting thus far of teammate Cody Ross

“The only reason I’m getting into this race is because the city is broken. None of the candidates that have declared so far are up to making the tough decisions to fix this city.”
-Tony Hall, former San Francisco supervisor, on why he will declare a run for mayor

“‘Have you ever been to Yemen for any type of training?”
“Do you know anybody that’s affiliated with anybody that’s extreme or abnormal or posting anything online that they shouldn’t be?”
“Where is the device you located under your vehicle?”
“Did you guys put it there?”

-Yasir Afifi, a 20-year-old American student, recounting his conversation with the FBI after he discovered a GPS device under his car

Today’s Quotes: Clinton on Dem Ennui, Huff on Cody Ross, Tony Hall on SF Mayor Run 18 October,2010Jon Brooks

  • Chrisco

    FBI and GPS: WTF! Not cool, or constitutional, not as the Founders intended, no way.


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