The national fixation known as Sarah Palin landed at the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts yesterday (insert ironic comment about venue here). Both the Mercury News and the Chronicle have reports. While my better self tells me to ignore this kind of thing, I have to admit, I would be disingenuous in claiming that I don’t glue my eyes to any video screen flashing Palin in my face. She’s definitely got…something…

Palin on Boxer and Brown (she doesn’t think they’re so hot)
KGO-TV report:

Obviously, the Bay Area doesn’t represent the heart of Palin country. An event organizer estimated about 1,400 people paid $25 to $199 to see Palin, the Merc reported, out of 2,665 available seats. Perhaps local reaction is best captured in the Chronicle’s comments section.

-A Repub accusing someone else of living in fantasy land? That’s rich. Here’s a fantasy for you – Republicans are fiscally responsible.

-Palin talking fantasyland smack. I didn’t know I could laugh and puke at the same time.

-Give them a few simple, colorful phrases and they can entertain themselves for weeks.
I don’t even want to think about what is going on in her subconscious with her “drill, baby drill” and unicorn references.

But at least one Republican weighed in:

Boy Boy Boy, the mere mention of Sarah Palin’s name brings explosive diarrhea, instant anger, and pulling one’s hair out in some people. Keep voting these people in and watch more people come here with their hands out, while people who hire and work leave. Then what will you have? Millions of hungry people wanting the Fed to bail them out over and over again…Like I said, the mere mention of Sarah Palin brings out the haters and angry folk.

One big disappointment for everyone: As of yet, no Palin tweets about the event.

Palinpalooza Comes to San Jose 16 October,2010Jon Brooks


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