On-air at 5:30 p.m., Kelly Wilkinson will talk about voter registration with California Secretary of State Debra Bowen. Listen here or catch it on the archive later.

Don’t forget, Monday is the last day to registere to vote!

Now here’s a question I’d like to ask Debra Bowen: Why don’t they cut down on the considerable mystification surrounding which proposition is which by numbering the things further apart?

I mean, you got your:

Establishes $18 annual vehicle license surcharge to help fund state parks and wildlife programs. Grants surcharged vehicles free admissiont o all state parks

aka Proposition 21.

Then you got your:

Prohibits the state from borrowing or taking funds used for transportation, redevelopment, or local government projects and services

known as Proposition 22 to friends.

How’s anyone supposed to keep those straight?

But if you kept the first one as Proposition 21 and re-numbered the second to, say, Proposition 55, now you’re talking effective mnemonic association!

Or better yet, just check out this Sing Along With The Proposition Song, the catchiest tune to cite a congressional redistricting proposal you’ll ever hear.


Jon Brooks

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