Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman square off tonight in their third and final debate. One can only hope that the word “whore,” or at least its euphemisms, dominates the proceedings somewhat less than the word “nanny,” and much less than a substantive policy discussion.

On the other hand, if you simply must hear the conversation in which an unidentified interlocutor uses that slur against Whitman, the Washington Post has posted it. (A Fox News blog, not necessarily the most unimpeachable information vehicle, says an unidentified source has ID’d the caller as Brown’s wife.)

Perhaps more interesting than the nasty headline comment in that audio is the unguarded voicemail message Brown leaves about a California Statewide Law Enforcement Association endorsement of  Whitman, and his summing up the state of the election coming down to the wire.

You can listen to the Brown-Whitman debate, being held at Dominican University in San Rafael, on KQED on-air or online at 6:30 p.m. tonight.

  • Katie McCall

    When you see what the campaign is coming down to — money and naming calling — it’s no wonder that so many people are turned off by politics. Thank you KQED for the help to look past the snarky headlines!


Jon Brooks

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