A few weeks ago, just about every Bay Area media outlet reported on a survey released by an industry-funded transportation research group pegging the condition of San Jose road pavement as the worst in the nation, with Oakland-San Francisco coming in just a couple of notches better.

So it’s an auspicious time, perhaps, for tomorrow’s San Jose City Council meeting on eliminating the backlog in road maintenance. Here’s the agenda, which includes a list of San Jose streets with a Pavement Condition Index below 50. (The PCI scale runs from 0 to 100.)

Tomorrow, on-air and online, you can listen to KQED anchor Joshua Johnson interview Hans Larsen, the acting Deputy Director of San Jose’s Department of Transportation, about the purpose of the council meeting, San Jose roads, and that notorious No. 1 slot on the worst-roads’ report.


Jon Brooks

Jon Brooks is an online editor and writer for KQED's daily news blog, News Fix.  He also writes about film for KQED Arts.

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