Joshua Johnson summarizes on our last news broadcast.

But wait, there’s more. Gloria Allred’s up at bat next.

From ABC News:

Lawyer Gloria Allred told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on “Good Morning America” that she would produce a letter sent by the Social Security Administration to the Whitman household in 2003 informing the family that the Social Security number of their housekeeper and nanny, Nicky Diaz, did not match the name on file.

Allred said the letter should have been “a tip-off” to Whitman and her husband that they were employing an undocumented immigrant.

Whitman, however, told Stephanopoulos that she never received the letter and offered an “absolute unequivocal denial” of the allegations.

John Myers will report on today’s events in The California Report today. Here’s his blog post on what this incident indicates about the country’s “broken immigration system.”

Immigration and the Governor’s Race. Again

Be it a bombshell or blather, serious or silly, today’s news that Meg Whitman once employed — apparently unknowingly — an undocumented immigrant is sure to reopen a battle which never seems to end here in California.

The Whitman campaign’s reaction was to try to discredit both the ex-employee and her attention-loving attorney, Gloria Allred. But perhaps a better place for attention is the complexity that this, once again, seems to raise it comes to how to reform the country’s broken immigration system. Read the full post.

Latest from AP:

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Meg Whitman says her former housekeeper might have intercepted a government letter in 2003 warning that the maid could be in the country illegally.

When asked at a news conference Thursday in Santa Monica whether the worker might have taken the letter intended for Whitman, the Republican gubernatorial candidate said “it’s very possible.” Full article

Whitman presser now over 5 August,2014Jon Brooks

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