TMZ is streaming the press conference with the housekeeper and her attorney Gloria Allred. Whether there’s anything substantial here we’ll have to see…


-Whitman knew of her illegal immigration status
-Whitman knew of discrepancies in housekeeper’s social security number
-Whitman fired housekeeper after nine years bc of Whitman’s worry that truth would out

UPDATE: Whitman attorney says this:

“”This person was initially hired by Meg Whitman in November 2000. She filled out standard [Internal Revenue Service] forms and Department of Justice forms and presented her Social Security card and California driver’s license. She filled out immigration forms that stated under penalty of perjury that she was a lawful resident….

“On June 20, 2009, this person came to Ms. Whitman and confessed that she was not a legal resident of the U.S. She was immediately suspended and terminated on June 29, 2009.”

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