The full debate is now up on the Forum site. Some comments from users below. Several people noted that they were turned off by Maldonado’s lack of civility.

I was shocked at how childish and hateful Maldonado came off. He is exactly what’s wrong with politics today. I can’t stand Gav, so I guess I’ll do a write in for Mickey Mouse.


The back and forth between Maldonado and Newsom are prime examples of why many people are frustrated with our government. You have politicians who focus on the nuance of how they come across, yet not really caring for the people who elected them (Newsom) and others who attack them while only caring about their own agendas (Maldonado). I cannot think of one candidate who does not succumb to the ebb and tide of greed and jealousy.


As an independent, I was on the fence with these two. At the end of the day, I want someone in Sacramento who demonstrates respect for their colleagues and gets things done. Mr. Maldonado has shown his cards today. He lost my vote.


I’ll be voting for Newsom but even if I did agree with Maldonado, I would never vote for someone so rude and hostile. I wouldn’t want to deal with him as an official or listen to him regularly as a citizen. He’s sarcastic and unprofessional . He needs a lesson in civility…


I have been in California politics for over 30 years and Mayor Newsom sounds like the same old attack dog politician that is causing our state to decline. This is not John Burton or Ken Maddy who knew they have to be civil to get anything accomplished.

Where will Newsom cut? Will he cut the Prison Guards down to national level salaries adjusted for our cost of living? How will he solve the $300 billion unfunded public pensions we have?

Also, btw, this must be the article Maldonado was citing in his Forum debate with Gavin Newsom:

Maldonado-Newsom follow-up 10 October,2014Jon Brooks


Jon Brooks

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