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Video Games Are Good For Us. Really!

Improved vision, more focused attention, more efficient multi-tasking, and improved spatial cognition are just a few of the benefits of playing video games. “The non-gamers had to think a lot more and use a lot more of the workhorse parts of their brains for eye-hand coordination. Whereas the gamers really didn’t have to use that … Continue reading Video Games Are Good For Us. Really! →

Step One: Start With What Kids Want

“If they give a damn about what they’re reading, they’ll persist in the face of challenges.” – Constance Steinkhueler at Big Ideas Fest. Steinkuehler is an educational researcher studying how online games can build literacy skills. In her most recent experiment she learned that “we had to shift from using games as a means for … Continue reading Step One: Start With What Kids Want →

(Video) Game on? Yes and No.

Leslie Rule is studying at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in the Technology, Innovation, and Education (TIE) program. She specializes in hands-on, in-depth, project-based workshops using geo-apps, mobile devices, and storytelling techniques to explore place and community. By Leslie Rule I am not a gamer. Never liked board games. Pre-date the video game revolution. … Continue reading (Video) Game on? Yes and No. →