Scratching that (Incessant) Technology Itch

Lenny Gonzales Our love-hate relationship with technology is the subject of research psychologist Dr. Larry D. Rosen’s new book iDisorder. From his perspective, “tech gadgets and applications are turning us into basket-cases suffering from versions of obsessive-compulsive disorder and attention-deficit syndrome,” according to a recent HechingerEd blog. Rosen also spoke at last year’s Learning & … Continue reading Scratching that (Incessant) Technology Itch →


How Does Media Multitasking Make Kids Feel? It’s a Mixed Bag.

FLickr:Christopher Frier Brown The effects of multitasking on the brain and the way we’re wired has been the subject of countless studies, radio shows, and articles. But a new study soon to be released explores the social and emotional effects of media multitasking on kids. Stanford professor Roy Pea presented some intriguing findings of a … Continue reading How Does Media Multitasking Make Kids Feel? It’s a Mixed Bag. →


How Technology Wires the Learning Brain

Kids between the ages of 8 and 18 spend 11.5 hours a day using technology — whether that’s computers, television, mobile phones, or video games – and usually more than one at a time. That’s a big chunk of their 15 or 16 waking hours. But does that spell doom for the next generation? Not … Continue reading How Technology Wires the Learning Brain →

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