TED talk

Why Our Future Is In Good Hands

"Ideas can spark a movement. Ideas can spark opportunities and innovation." This, from enterprising 13-year-old wondergirl Maya Penn, who at the tender age of eight, launched her own business, Maya's Ideas for the Planet. Listen to her inspiring talk at the recent TEDWomen Conference and learn how this budding entrepreneur is going to help save the planet.

Learn to Code, Code to Learn

In this demo-filled talk MIT’s Mitch Resnick, one of the main creators of the kids coding program called Scratch, outlines the benefits of teaching kids to code, so they can do more than just “read” new technologies — but also create them. “As kids are creating projects like this, they’re learning to code, but even … Continue reading Learn to Code, Code to Learn →

The Importance of Fostering Kids’ Creative Confidence

When people say, “I’m just not the creative type,” IDEO founder David Kelley refutes that assumption with the idea that if they stick with it long enough, their creativity will inevitably come through. Kelley talks about the idea of “guided mastery” — it’s a practice that parents and educators can use to help kids find … Continue reading The Importance of Fostering Kids’ Creative Confidence →

Why Every Student Needs a Teacher Champion

In her TED talk teacher Rita Pierson reminds educators what lies at the foundation of learning — the relationship between the teacher and the student. She says despite bad policies, bad school days, and difficult children, teachers are still champions for kids.

What Do We Actually Learn From Videos?

TED talkers are nothing if not fluent. Could it be that the effective presentation of the speakers in TED-style videos fools us into thinking we're learning more than we are? Here, five ways that well-made videos (including MOOCs and other kinds of digital instruction) can help us learn.

We Are All Clark Kent, With Promise of Being Superman

You will change history. That’s the core message of author Brad Meltzer’s TED-Ed talk. Even famous change-makers — like Martin Luther King — had concerns like everyone else. They worried about failure and were lonely sometimes, but that didn’t stop them from changing history. Meltzer sets out a simple path for each person to change … Continue reading We Are All Clark Kent, With Promise of Being Superman →

Is the “School in the Cloud” the Future of Learning?

Schools, the way they’re currently constructed, are not needed anymore, says educational researcher Sugatra Mitra, founder of Hole in the Wall project in India and winner of the 2013 TED Prize. At his recent TED talk asked the following provocative question: Is knowing obsolete? Sugatra made the following request: help him design the School in … Continue reading Is the “School in the Cloud” the Future of Learning? →

Video: “The Future Will Not be Multiple Choice”

Educator Jaime McGrath and designer Drew Davies explain how to create a “classroom of imagination” by turning lessons into design problems and giving students space to be creative in this Tedx video. In a New York Times op-ed The MacArthur Foundation’s Digital Media and Learning Competition’s co-director Cathy Davidson said she thinks it’s possible that … Continue reading Video: “The Future Will Not be Multiple Choice” →