Technology in Schools

The Invisible iPad: It’s Not About the Device

The challenge for educators, especially directors of educational technology, is not to limit how our teachers teach, but to focus on the foundational skills and provide a clear and concrete formula for how different technological devices and applications will enhance these skills in order to give a learner the ability to create a product that will change the world.


How Two Struggling Schools Got Two Different Results With Ed Tech

By now, many educators understand that technology has the potential of transforming teaching and learning. But the term "technology" covers vast territory, and there are many different layers of tech and ways of integrating it from school to school. At times, where one kind of technology is appropriate and helpful in one school, the same tech can cause big problems for another.


Are Schools Meeting Their Technology Goals?

More than 1,400 educators responded to a survey about how their schools are progressing with integrating new technology. They addressed subjects like tech security, Bring Your Own Device policies, and using technology for instruction and assessment. Here's what they found.

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By the Numbers: Teachers, Tech, and the Digital Divide

A new Pew Research survey of more than 2,400 middle school and high school teachers released today shows that, while teachers believe technology has helped with their teaching, it’s also brought new challenges — including the possibility of creating a bigger rift between low-income and high-income students. A few highlights from the report: While 92% … Continue reading By the Numbers: Teachers, Tech, and the Digital Divide →


2012 Ed Tech Trends: Insights From Insiders

At the end of the year, pundits love to share their versions of summarized lists of what was hot in ed tech in 2012. In addition to the obvious — Common Core curriculum and assessments, games in learning, consumer tech in education — there are others that may be more subtle or even counter-intuitive. Here … Continue reading 2012 Ed Tech Trends: Insights From Insiders →


To Make Blended Learning Work, Teachers Try Different Tactics

By now, most would agree that technology has the potential to be a useful tool for learning. Many schools have invested in some form of technology, whether it’s in computer labs, tablets, or a laptop for every student, depending on their budget. But for many schools, finding a way to integrate the use of tech … Continue reading To Make Blended Learning Work, Teachers Try Different Tactics →

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The Power of One Teacher’s Vision

Ananth Pai is a masterful educator, who runs a dynamic, student-centered classroom humming with activity — what we imagine as the best-case scenario for blended learning. Pai has created individual learning plans for each of his students, which includes time with him, with other kids, and with online games. And though his students have shown … Continue reading The Power of One Teacher’s Vision →

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