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How to Avoid Tech Burnout

Our gadgets are our saviors and our worst enemies. As parents, we have tools to reign in our children’s time spent online, but it may be harder to impose restrictions on ourselves. As I’ve mentioned before, the tools are not the culprits. It’s what we, as busy-as-can-be, super-productive, highly efficient humans, do with them. To … Continue reading How to Avoid Tech Burnout →

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iPad: Game-changer, fad, or the future?

Leslie Rule is studying at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in the Technology, Innovation, and Education (TIE) program. She specializes in hands-on, in-depth, project-based workshops using geo-apps, mobile devices, and storytelling techniques to explore place and community. By Leslie Rule We first got wind of the iPad in January 2010, released April 3, 2010 … Continue reading iPad: Game-changer, fad, or the future? →

Wii in lieu of P.E.?

From the Fort Morgan Times: Fort Morgan School District students will have a chance to use the Wii video game system for some physical education classes starting soon. Not every student can play soccer or kickball during physical education due to their disabilities, and the Wii system is helpful for disabled kids to learn eye-hand … Continue reading Wii in lieu of P.E.? →


Video Games in the Classroom? Yes!

What place do video games have in a classroom? Aren’t they just a distracting waste of time for kids who should be memorizing multipication tables? Sara Corbett eloquently answers these questions in her illuminating article in the New York Times, which aptly sums up some of the controversies around bringing technology into the education system. … Continue reading Video Games in the Classroom? Yes! →

6 Easy Ways to Protect Your Data

The more time we spend working, learning, and living, the more data we amass. We’ve been warned to back up our hard drives religiously — and for good reason. You never know when your screen will suddenly go black, never to return to life. For students of all ages who’ll be creating important content that … Continue reading 6 Easy Ways to Protect Your Data →

Milton Chen and MindShift on KQED’s Forum

In a discussion with Michael Krasny earlier today on the KQED program Forum, Milton Chen and I discussed a wide range of subjects, including Milton’s new book “Education Nation: Six Leading Edges of Innovation in our Schools,” the role of open-source information such as Wikipedia in the classroom, and how technology affects creativity in kids, … Continue reading Milton Chen and MindShift on KQED’s Forum →


How to be Tech-Safe at School

photos.com Protecting mobile phones, laptops, and e-readers from theft are just the tangible aspects of tech safety at school. Students should also learn how to be savvy social networkers (check those privacy settings), thwart “malware” (malicious software meant to infiltrate a computer), and back up all their data, says Huffington Post’s Christopher Burgess. Little-known fact … Continue reading How to be Tech-Safe at School →

Get a Hobby: Photography with Camera Apps

The primary rules of photography have not changed much in the digital age. The Rule of Thirds still stands, as do traditional perspective, balancing, and framing guidelines. But advances in technology now used in this medium have made it possible for anyone to take truly creative photos, with or without following those rules. In fact, … Continue reading Get a Hobby: Photography with Camera Apps →


Reading More With E-Readers

Flickr: Mike Licht It comes as no surprise to me that 40% of e-reader users said they now read more than they did with print books in the recent survey published in the Wall Street Journal. Since my iPad arrived in the mail two months ago, I’ve managed to blow through three novels — a … Continue reading Reading More With E-Readers →


Digital Devices: Blaming the Messenger?

Flickr: CogDogBlog Busy people with busy lives depend on their mobile devices to connect them to the many obligations they’re accountable for: responding to emails, remembering appointments, checking in with family and friends. A New York Times article, “Digital Devices Deprive Brain of Needed Downtime,” argues that spending every spare minute — whether it’s standing … Continue reading Digital Devices: Blaming the Messenger? →


Teachers Create Reading App for Kids

Enterprising educators are getting into the app-making game with the creation of an app that helps kids learn how to read. ABC on the Go includes interactive ways for kids to recognize letters and sounds. Here’s a quick description from MacWorld: Classic mode showcases each letter in a slideshow format, with simple voice prompts to … Continue reading Teachers Create Reading App for Kids →

Echo Smartpen: A Tool for Special Ed Students

The Echo Smartpen The recently released Echo Smartpen, a high-tech pen that would impress the likes of James Bond, could be a helpful tool for kids with learning disabilities. Just a few of its superpowers: Holds 400 to 800 hours of recorded audio. Transfers written notes and audio to your computer. Built–in speaker plays back … Continue reading Echo Smartpen: A Tool for Special Ed Students →

Learn and Play: Fun Apps for Students

The Beautiful Planet App It may be a while before every student has an iPad to play and learn with at school, but when that time comes, they’ll have the benefit of a world of ooohhhh- and ahhhh-inducing apps that will add another dimension of fun to class time. ISTE, the International Society for Technology … Continue reading Learn and Play: Fun Apps for Students →

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