Arne Duncan Teaching Summer School? Why Not?

Can you imagine if Arne Duncan took five weeks off this summer to teach summer school? This is one of Dave Orphal’s propositions during his successful TEDxSFED talk in March. Orphal pitched the idea of a “teacherpreneur”: educational leaders continue to find ways to work in the classroom, while practicing teachers have a say in … Continue reading Arne Duncan Teaching Summer School? Why Not? →

What the Heck is a ‘Teacherpreneur’?

Re-imagining the institution of education will have to be done from different levels. At TEDxSFED on Saturday, we heard from inspirational speakers who spoke to these various perspectives: a principal who literally handed the keys to his school to a student; a design thinker who recreated the school day based on a student’s interests and … Continue reading What the Heck is a ‘Teacherpreneur’? →

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