Steve Hargadon

Steve Hargadon: Escaping the Education Matrix

“People are almost in this Matrix-like existence,” says education thought-leader Steve Hargadon. “They don’t question schooling. How do you tell a story that opens the door to rethinking what people have believed for decades? So much in their lives depends on that story being what they think it is. How do you tell a new story that involves people reclaiming their destinies, children not being defective, and learning not being owned by one organization?”

The Key to Empowering Educators? True Collaboration

For Connected Educators Month, a key theme this year is how to move from merely connecting with other educators into collaborations that push pedagogy and the education conversation forward. A panel of educators who’ve made this kind of connection and collaboration the center of their work discussed the challenges posed by the current American education system and helped present a dream for what truly collaborative learning could look like.

Alan November: How Teachers and Tech Can Let Students Take Control

For many educators, helping students direct their own learning is a priority. Educator and author Alan November, who has been talking about ways to get students to own their learning for years, draws on his experiences as a teacher, principal and education consultant to tell stories about some of the ideas he sees as integral … Continue reading Alan November: How Teachers and Tech Can Let Students Take Control →

Nine Tenets of Passion-Based Learning

By Kimberly Vincent We hear a lot about “passion-based” learning, and although in theory it sounds ideal, there are many factors to consider in building an education system around something as intangible as passion. A recent Future of Education talk addressed the topic, with experts in the field weighing in. The group included Angela Maiers, … Continue reading Nine Tenets of Passion-Based Learning →

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