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Texts, Snapchats, Instagram: Translating Teens’ Online Behavior

How much surveillance should parents have over their teenagers' social media lives? Why are kids' online roles so different from their realities? How does technology change the way teens relate to each other and to adults? Author danah boyd, who has been spending lots of quality time with teens over the past few years, attempts to demystify teens' online actions and behaviors and provide some insight into their motivations in this excellent Science Friday interview.

A Look Into Teenagers’ Complicated Online Lives

In the world of social media research, danah boyd is a star. She says most adults misread and overreact to the online lives of teenagers. But as the title of her new book suggests, It's Complicated.

Should Schools Teach Social Media Skills?

Taking selfies at funerals. Tagging pictures of teens drinking alcohol at parties. Kids (and adults for that matter) post a lot of silly stuff online -- and although most of it is chatter, some of what might seem harmless leads to tragic consequences. But is it the job of schools to teach kids the dos and don'ts of social media?

How Do Tech Tools Affect the Way Students Write?

For many current middle and high school students, writing takes shape in all kinds of forms. They send texts, write on social media sites, update their own blogs, and of course, write for school assignments. This fluid use of writing for both personal and school work is being fueled by technology, and a Pew Research … Continue reading How Do Tech Tools Affect the Way Students Write? →

The Power of a Networked Teacher Illustrated

A wonderful visual depiction of how educators can tap into their networks to expand and continually improve their teaching practice from a trove of rich resources. Illustrated by Langwitches, the image refers to Alec Couros’s original post exploring question, “What does the network mean to you?” [Via ETML]

Facebook and YouTube Offer Guidelines to Help Schools and Parents

Flickr:Dan Taylor By Matt Levinson Online social giants YouTube and Facebook have taken big steps to attempt to provide guidance on digital citizenship for kids online. Google (which owns YouTube) just launched its ten-step online program for smart and safe YouTube use, with a series of instructional videos that hit on topics from cyberbullying to … Continue reading Facebook and YouTube Offer Guidelines to Help Schools and Parents →

Should Adults Control Kid-Created Content?

Kids’ online influence can be powerful, especially with the help of social media sites like YouTube and Twitter. But unlike the kids who create the content that goes on those sites, the companies that host the content are sometimes forced to weigh in on whether it’s “good” or “bad,” or more pointedly, what they should do about it.

Schools and Students Clash Over Use of Technology

By Katrina Schwartz When it comes to using technology in school, the tension between what students and parents want and what schools allow is becoming more apparent — and more divisive. Students want more control over how they use technology in school, but many classrooms are still making it difficult. That’s according to the most … Continue reading Schools and Students Clash Over Use of Technology →

Facebook Groups for Schools Raises Concerns

Filckr:Birgerking By Katrina Schwartz The explosive growth of online social media sites specifically targeted at schools has compelled Facebook to edge its way back into the fertile ground of college campuses. Last week, the company announced a new feature available only to students and faculty with an active .edu email address, Groups for Schools. It’s … Continue reading Facebook Groups for Schools Raises Concerns →

Kony 2012: Viral Video Prompts a Teachable Moment

By Matt Levinson Over the past weeks, schools across the country have had the chance to witness the lightning speed with which viral videos can travel around the globe, particularly when young people are involved. The trigger in this instance: Invisible Children, a 30-minute video highlighting the horrors of child abduction and other atrocities perpetrated … Continue reading Kony 2012: Viral Video Prompts a Teachable Moment →

How Tweens Use Digital Media to Develop Their Identities

Flickr: JuliaKoz The following are excerpts from from “Kids Closer Up: Playing, Learning, and Growing with Digital Media” by Lori Takeuchi, International Journal of Learning and Media, Spring 2011, Vol. 3, No. 2, Pages 37-59. To protect the children’s identities, all names are pseudonyms, and location details have been altered. Read the first post in … Continue reading How Tweens Use Digital Media to Develop Their Identities →