How Small Words Make a Big Impact on Girls

It's easy for parents to feel overwhelmed by the many strands of advice about how to raise confident learners. But perhaps one of the most important things to keep in mind is that kids are soaking it all up, the bad and the good.

How the Heck Do You Implement “Student Empowerment”?

Most classrooms follow a prescribed formula. Teachers plan and lay out what is going to be learned. Students come into class and have the responsibility of switching themselves into “ready” mode, waiting for the teacher to instruct and guide them in the day’s tasks. Surely there are parts of the learning process where the control could be shifted to the students – where teachers can hand them responsibility and freedom and give them a voice in what they would learn.

Kids Want to Know: How Is Science Relevant?

In a new poll, many parents said they're worried that schools aren't adequately preparing students for a changing workforce. And too much emphasis on memorizing facts in the classroom, both parents and kids say, is keeping young people from getting excited about science and technology careers.

Dive Into Science With Zombies, Superheroes, and Fairies

Sometimes, being thrown into a new situation with few resources and little knowledge can be the best way to innovate. Educators, especially those who work in smaller rural districts, can sometimes be called on to teach classes without a lot of support or resources. While those moments can be terrifying, it’s also a good time to step back from the anxious swirl of curriculum and standards to think like a kid. What would they love? Zombies, superheroes, and fairies, of course!

Why Are Women Still Walking Away From Science?

Studies are beginning to show that significant biases against women still exist in science graduate programs. Only 14 percent of physics professors in the U.S. are women. Eileen Pollack’s New York Times Magazine article delves into why women still aren’t reaching the highest levels of academia and industry, despite the high numbers of women with college … Continue reading Why Are Women Still Walking Away From Science? →

Bringing Scientists to Schools, and the Thrill of Field Trips to Class

An Australian organization called Scientists in Schools has flipped the field trip upside down, pairing volunteer scientists and mathematicians with classrooms around the country. By bringing a practicing scientist into the classroom students, the aim is to connect learning to its real-world application, inspiring students to pursue careers in science and math.