Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch is slated to attend ed tech event in San Francisco

Jeb Bush and Rupert Murdoch Spotlight Ed Tech at SF Event

Reported by Ana Tintocalis Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush says he knows how to fix education in America and he’s convening a national summit in San Francisco today to promote his ideas. Bush formed The Foundation for Excellence in Education after he was termed out of office four years ago. For this week’s event, he’s … Continue reading Jeb Bush and Rupert Murdoch Spotlight Ed Tech at SF Event →

oracio alvarado

Can Cell Phones Solve Teacher Shortages?

Joel Klein believes they could, according to a New York Post article. The former New York City Schools Chancellor, under whose leadership the School of One project was launched, now works for News Corp., which owns The Post. From the article: Klein was hesitant to delve into details about his new endeavors, but he said … Continue reading Can Cell Phones Solve Teacher Shortages? →

Here Comes Rupert

From the Wall Street Journal: People familiar with the matter said News Corp. is interested in making other acquisitions and investments in technologies designed to change the way children learn, though it expects future deals to be significantly smaller and focused on bolstering Wireless Generation. The company, which also owns The Wall Street Journal, will … Continue reading Here Comes Rupert →

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