How Field Trips Build Critical Thinking Skills

School field trips are on the decline in American education for many reasons. Schools are making tough choices about how to spend scarce resources, are spending more time in class preparing for high-stakes tests and have begun using field trips as rewards for doing well on those tests. Whereas school field trips used to mean … Continue reading How Field Trips Build Critical Thinking Skills →

New Research Asks: Does Blended Learning Boost Algebra Scores?

A recent report by the RAND Corporation, in partnership with the Department of Education, tries to provide an objective overview of blended learning. RAND conducted a national two-year randomized trial to determine whether a blended learning curriculum developed by Carnegie Learning, Inc. had a positive effect on middle and high school algebra students.

Why Computers Alone Won’t Move the Needle

Though a large study showed that the act of giving kids computers did not alone affect grades or attendance, the results may have been different had the students had some guidance on how to best use the computers and if teachers had been involved in connecting the home computers with what was going on in the classroom.