Teach Preschoolers How To Code With a Board Game

Robot Turtles is a tabletop board game that teaches children as young as 3 years old the fundamentals of computer programming. Entrepreneur Dan Shapiro came up with the idea while playing with his kids, and took a leave of absence from Google to get the game into production.


Can Tech Help Preschoolers Catch Up to Their Peers?

Flickr:KidPerez We hear a lot about the promise of technology closing the achievement gap, but few studies have definitively shown this to be true. In this article in Spotlight on Digital Media & Learning by Sara Jackon, a recent study by the Center for Children and Technology delves into how digital media can make an … Continue reading Can Tech Help Preschoolers Catch Up to Their Peers? →


Preschoolers Learn the Wonders of Science

PBS Kim Storey is an educator, designer, and producer who specializes in creating innovative educational media for children, parents, and educators. By Kim Storey, Ed.D. Teaching science to preschoolers? When I first entered the field of education—and children’s television—no one thought that you could or should teach science to children that young. Today we know … Continue reading Preschoolers Learn the Wonders of Science →

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