Teachers Al Julius and Alex Fernandez think about pranks that include students and help them feel welcome. (No teacher was harmed in the making of these photos.)

The Epic April Fool’s Day Prank

Teachers Alex Fernandez and Al Julius set up their students for an April Fool’s Day prank that ultimately landed Mr. Julius in handcuffs. Once the prank was over, the teachers learned about their students’ characters in ways they didn't anticipate.

Sadie Guthrie (left) and her mom, Jessica Cortes.

Wet Sundays

The first year of teaching can be so tough, a teacher can't help but cry on Sundays. Sadie Guthrie recalls her first year of teaching special education and surviving with the help of her mom, boyfriend, and the inspiration she found in her incredible students.

15 Best Back-to-School Podcasts

Last week, I highlighted Mashable’s best back-to-school apps. Today, I call attention to their 15 Essential Back-to-School Podcasts. Among the most notable: – NPR’s Planet Money. “Planet Money’s success lies in how it tackles complex subjects with great storytelling. A financial instrument like a Collateralized Debt Obligation (CDO) may sound impossibly boring, but Planet Money … Continue reading 15 Best Back-to-School Podcasts →

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