From Sci-Fi to Cell Phone: Augmented Reality Games are Here

It has truly begun to blur — the line between science fiction movies and what we can actually do on our cell phones. In this short video on The Parent Show, PBS Kids resident expert Jeremy Roberts explains how augmented reality games can teach complex ideas like gravity and fiction. How can this technology be … Continue reading From Sci-Fi to Cell Phone: Augmented Reality Games are Here →

Another ISTE attendee.

Weekly News Roundup: ISTE 2011 Edition

    The International Society for Technology in Education held its annual conference and exhibition this week in Philadelphia. While the official headcount has yet to be released, early estimates pegged the number of attendees at over 20,000. In lieu of our typical weekly review of ed-tech news, we’ve opted to focus instead on some … Continue reading Weekly News Roundup: ISTE 2011 Edition →

A LearningMedia video about energy use.

PBS LearningMedia: 14,000 Pieces of (Great) Digital Content

Teachers and parents now have a huge multimedia resource to help educate kids about a wide range of subjects. It’s called PBS LearningMedia, and it’s a treasure trove of high-quality content from public broadcasting stations from around the country. The new resource, a merger between Teachers Domain and the PBS Digital Learning Library, holds more … Continue reading PBS LearningMedia: 14,000 Pieces of (Great) Digital Content →

PBS Teachers Innovation Awards

PBS is calling out to enterprising teachers to enter the PBS Teachers Innovation Awards! From math and science to music and the arts, your inventive thinking continuously fuels, inspires and engages young minds. Whether you teach your students physics with rocket launchers, social studies by re-enacting historical events, or literature by inviting kids to create … Continue reading PBS Teachers Innovation Awards →

Creating is Learning

On Sunday, Feb. 13, PBS will air “Digital Media – New Learners Of The 21st Century,” a look at how technology is being integrated into the learning process. One huge shift in the new learning process: Going from the current focus on learning content to “learning tools and the skills to be creator of remaking … Continue reading Creating is Learning →


Preschoolers Learn the Wonders of Science

PBS Kim Storey is an educator, designer, and producer who specializes in creating innovative educational media for children, parents, and educators. By Kim Storey, Ed.D. Teaching science to preschoolers? When I first entered the field of education—and children’s television—no one thought that you could or should teach science to children that young. Today we know … Continue reading Preschoolers Learn the Wonders of Science →

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