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How to Get the Most Out of a Parent-Teacher Conference

Over the next few weeks, parents and teachers will sit across from each other in tiny chairs and discuss a child’s progress in a parent-teacher conference. And though parents and teachers alike may experience the anxiety of expectations, conferences represent one of the most enduring and important home-school communication mechanisms used to discuss a child’s growth and progress.

Respect and empathy are a big part of Rocketship's school culture.

Rocketship’s Culture: Respectful, Empathetic, and College-Bound

Ask little Peter Cournoyer, a second-grader at Rocketship Mateo Sheedy, what empathy means, and he describes it this way: “It’s when you help someone if they need help or if they get hurt,” he says, (which he’s had to do a few times). Empathy is one of Rocketship’s four “core values,” in addition to respect, … Continue reading Rocketship’s Culture: Respectful, Empathetic, and College-Bound →

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