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How Free is “Free”?

The article about CK12’s open-source digital FlexBooks compelled a reader to respond with someĀ  questions. He writes: I have developed a strong interest in open or free text ever since I purchased a brand new grey-market, European textbook for 60 dollars, a full third of what Americans pay for the same biology book. I also … Continue reading How Free is “Free”? →


The “Living Book” Movement: Free Education For All

By Sara Bernard They’re free, they’re customizable, and they meet state standards. Those are the three biggest selling points of CK12 Flexbooks, digital educational content for K-12 schools. FlexBooks are developed through a combination of author donations, licensing partnerships, university collaborations, and incentives for community-based authorship, and teachers can customize them to their hearts’ content. … Continue reading The “Living Book” Movement: Free Education For All →


Will College Textbooks Be Obsolete?

By Sara Bernard These days, college students have many more options for buying less expensive versions of their required texts. With sites like Amazon,, and Craigslist, as well as textbook rental programs, they no longer have to rely on those heavy, expensive texts. Online textbooks that use open source software — which are becoming … Continue reading Will College Textbooks Be Obsolete? →

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Alaska Educator Makes the Case for Throwing Out Textbooks

What’s the wave of the future in education? If you ask John Concilus, it’s doing away with textbooks. Concilus, the educational technology coordinator at the Bering Strait School District in Alaska, which houses the vast majority of its curricula on a fully modifiable, 14,000-page Wiki makes his case on his blog, The Education Bazaar. “In … Continue reading Alaska Educator Makes the Case for Throwing Out Textbooks →

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Could the future of College Education Be In the Ether?

There’s something in the education zeitgeist about the explosion of online higher education this week. Could it be that the future college experience will exist primarily in the ether? So say the soothsayers… From Inside Higher Ed: “College leaders don’t yet know how to credential the knowledge students are gaining on their own, but they … Continue reading Could the future of College Education Be In the Ether? →


Teachers’ Customizable Curriculum: 5 More Resources

Flickr: FontFont By Sara Bernard As the open source movement in education grows, so do the number of nonprofits, foundations, and collaborative sites that support it (and vice versa). The following is not an exhaustive list by any means. Stay tuned for more posts on open source textbooks and curricula in the coming weeks. Open … Continue reading Teachers’ Customizable Curriculum: 5 More Resources →

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Teachers Customize Textbooks Online

Flickr: Arvindgrover By Sara Bernard Once upon a time, textbook writers would write textbooks and teachers would teach what was in them. Teachers would make up their own lesson plans, and if they were willing, shared them with their colleagues. But technology is changing the scenario. Now, not only are educators combing the Internet for … Continue reading Teachers Customize Textbooks Online →


College Textbooks Are Going Digital

Interesting story in the Daily Breeze about California State University, Dominguez Hills finding a way around expensive college textbooks: The Carson campus is among six of CSU’s 23 locations to take part in a pilot program in which students, beginning this year, are able to purchase digital textbooks for temporary use. The program is analogous … Continue reading College Textbooks Are Going Digital →

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