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Redefining “Cheating” With Homework

B. Gilliard Technology is often blamed for encouraging bad behavior, particularly when it comes to academic dishonesty. There’s the notion, for example, that it’s much easier to plagiarize now thanks to the ability to copy and paste information from the Web into a term paper. So at first blush, the new homework help Web site … Continue reading Redefining “Cheating” With Homework →

Can Online Tutoring Work as Well as Face-to-Face?

There are some 40,000 tutoring companies in the U.S. While most of these are face-to-face operations, many offer online tutoring. The problem is that most of the online services don’t have a particularly good reputation — not among students, not among parents, and most damningly perhaps, not with the Better Business Bureau. The $8 billion-a-year … Continue reading Can Online Tutoring Work as Well as Face-to-Face? →

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