Five Ways Silicon Valley is Changing Education

There’s no argument that Silicon Valley startups have influenced how businesses operate. The fact that most companies now count social media strategy as a crucial part of their operation is a testament to the Internet culture infiltrating far beyond the Internet-only based businesses. The same phenomenon is happening in education. Here are five ways tech-based … Continue reading Five Ways Silicon Valley is Changing Education →

Where to Start? Go Online

Mashable’s comprehensive list of online education sites is an incredible resource for educators. The list includes everything from online schools — both K12 and higher ed, to the behind-the-scenes learning management companies, to rich content sites like Khan Academy and OER Commons, to live tutor and collaborative learning sits like LiveMocha. It’s definitely worth bookmarking.

Mashable: 8 Ways Tech Improves Education

Glovico Learning foreign languages with native speakers across the globe, watching live math and science video demonstrations, engaging in project-based learning and digital story telling are just a few examples of Mashable’s 8 Ways Technology is Improving Education. Check out (right), where learners can connect directly with language tutors from all over the world.

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