maker movement

Why We Need To Value Students’ Spatial Creativity

Though spatial skills -- the ability to find meaning in the shape, size, orientation, or trajectory, of objects -- are valuable, the tactics we use to measure student outcomes don't always include these important skills. By not placing value on spatial thinking, we may be missing out on developing the skills of the next Thomas Edison.

Why Kids Need to Tinker to Learn

Allowing kids to deeply engage with a project they are passionate about also helps produce more positive memories of school, Stager said. “The reason the Maker Movement is so exciting is it can reenergize the classroom and it can make high quality memories of education,” he said.

Breaking the Mold: School Fosters Design and Discovery

Modern learning is more about discovery. It’s not so much waiting as doing, says Will Richardson. Learners should be empowered to continue learning and to use their interests to fuel projects that they care about. Richardson had some ideas about how teachers can begin to move away from content delivery and towards a model that is supportive of individual learners.

Coding, Making, and the Arts: Essential Tools for Students

Some of the most important subject areas and activities we want students to learn are the very ones that are left out of many schools: the arts, computer programming, and learning to making things by hand. We know that arts integration can open all kinds of opportunities for learning and fostering creativity. We’re learning why … Continue reading Coding, Making, and the Arts: Essential Tools for Students →