2013 Big Ideas in Education

A look through the most popular MindShift posts this year reveals a strong interest in student-directed learning, inquiry-based approaches to teaching and the desire to help students learn how to learn in a changing world.

27 Ways to Inspire Students to Innovate

Educator Mia MacMeekin made this infographic about ways to inspire students to think more deeply about how innovation applies to them. It's a helpful way to begin a conversation about what it means to innovate, a word that sometimes seems to belong in the adult domain of business and is estranged from how students think about living their lives.

10 Ways to Teach Innovation

Innovation and the current classroom model most often operate as antagonists. The system is evolving, but not quickly enough to get young people ready for the new world. But there are a number of ways that teachers can bypass the system and offer students the tools and experiences that spur an innovative mindset. Here are ten ideas.

How to Fuel the Innovation Engine in Learning

Flickr:JUvertson By Jennie Rose Can creativity be taught? If innovation is truly the key to this country’s success, then it’s time to think strategically about engendering creativity into our education system. That’s part of Tina Seelig’s thesis in her new book Ingenius: A Crash Course on Creativity. Case in point: In schools, when we give … Continue reading How to Fuel the Innovation Engine in Learning →

Five Ways to Bring Innovation Into the Classroom

For many schools across the country, today marks the first day of a new year. In addition to thinking about tools that help boost educators’ teaching practice, this moment might be a good time to pull back and think about some big-picture ideals, too. Here are a few to consider. 1.   INFUSE PASSION INTO LEARNING. … Continue reading Five Ways to Bring Innovation Into the Classroom →