What Kinds of Homework Seem to be Most Effective?

Homework can be an effective way of making the information stick so long the amount doesn't surpass the point of diminishing returns. Uncover some common myths and see how American kids compare to their global peers.


Parents Wonder: Why So Much Homework?

As the movement against excessive homework continues to grow, some parents say they’re drawing a line in the sand between home and school. Schools, in turn, are starting to rethink the role of homework and how it should be assigned. If homework serves simply as busy work — proof that kids are “learning,” then that … Continue reading Parents Wonder: Why So Much Homework? →

anna gutermuth

Could the End of Homework Be on the Horizon?

Parents’ directive to kids to “go do your homework” may soon be a thing of the past. School districts across the country, from New Jersey to Wyoming to California are banning homework — or at least shortening the allotted time to make it more “meaningful and manageable.” Simply put, the anti-homework camp points out the … Continue reading Could the End of Homework Be on the Horizon? →

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