Introducing Programming to Preschoolers

Flickr: AngryJulieMonday By Heather Chaplin Since MIT’s Lifelong Kindergarten group released Scratch in 2007, kids ages 8 to 13 have built more than 2.2 million animations, games, music, videos and stories using the kid-friendly programming language. Scratch allows kids to snap together graphical blocks of instructions, like Lego bricks, to control sprites—the movable objects that … Continue reading Introducing Programming to Preschoolers →

Toddlers and iPhones Make Instant Connections

By Katie Stansberry I have a confession to make: my 19-month-old son, Paul, is allowed to use my iPhone. In fact, he’s pretty savvy with touch screens. He can turn the phone on, unlock the list of applications, choose the program he wants to experience, and interact with the content. Although he was a loyal … Continue reading Toddlers and iPhones Make Instant Connections →

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