What Types of E-Books Are Best for Young Readers?

Could e-books actually get in the way of reading? In a study looking at students’ use of e-books created with Apple’s iBooks Author software, the Schugars discovered that the young readers often skipped over the text altogether, engaging instead with the books’ interactive visual features.

Publishers and Libraries Clash Over E-Books

By Jenny Shank A new study by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, Libraries, Patrons, and E-books, offers a glimpse at the current state of American libraries and finds them eager to lend e-books but struggling to do so, primarily because of budget limits and restrictions publishers place on e-book lending. Of America’s 9,000 … Continue reading Publishers and Libraries Clash Over E-Books →

For Young Readers, Print or Digital Books?

Thinkstock Print or digital? Adults grapple with which is the best way to read — not only for themselves, but especially when it comes to their kids. Whether or not parents prefer print books over interactive e-books for their kids, the question is, what’s actually better for them? Depends on what you’re trying to achieve. … Continue reading For Young Readers, Print or Digital Books? →

Creating the Library of Tomorrow from the Ground Up

Flickr:Paul Lowry By Laurie Putnam The public library hums. Readers peruse e-books and job seekers attend workshops. Teens organize poetry slams, and students work together on school assignments. Librarians plan programs, help researchers online, and digitize collections of all shapes and sizes. All around the world, today’s libraries are serving their communities in new and … Continue reading Creating the Library of Tomorrow from the Ground Up →

The Trouble with Gifting an E-Book

Flickr: Muffet By Jenny Shank Is it possible to personalize the gift of an e-book? I asked Arsen Kashkashian, head buyer at the Boulder Book Store, if he had any ideas, and he was as stumped as I am. “I’m not sure what the best way to personalize an e-book would be,” he said. His … Continue reading The Trouble with Gifting an E-Book →

Why Aren’t Students Using E-Books?

Kathryn Though we keep hearing about a huge increase in sales of e-books, a recent survey shows that, for students, that needle has not really moved much. The library e-book provider eBrary released some of the preliminary results from its 2011 Global Student E-Book Survey last week. Among its findings: that students’ e-book usage has … Continue reading Why Aren’t Students Using E-Books? →

Weekly News Roundup

National Geographic has unveiled a new education section of its website, with a great collection of maps, multimedia, teaching activities, and resources Amazon announced this week that it would be launching a Lending Library later this year, a deal that would let Kindle owners check out books from over 11,000 libraries. This brings Kindle to … Continue reading Weekly News Roundup →

Kids Create Their Own Plots with E-Books

By Audrey Watters A dictionary definition of “book” typically emphasizes the writing and the printing, the sheets of paper, and the binding and cover — all things that are poised to be thoroughly disrupted with the advent of the e-book. It isn’t simply that the printed text is being digitized or that content is moving … Continue reading Kids Create Their Own Plots with E-Books →

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