Is All This Student Data Changing the Way Teachers Teach?

With so much access to student data these days, teachers are experimenting with different tactics, and figuring out what's working and what's not. As with most scenarios using education technology, it's a mixed bag. How it's used depends on a variety of factors in each school and in each teacher’s classroom. Some teachers are embracing student data to inform their teaching, while others believe there's a risk of an over-reliance on hard numbers that doesn’t take into account the human factor.

How Educators Can Protect Students’ Data from Security Breaches

Every day, teachers are responsible for maintaining numerous logins, passwords, data, and other private information about their students. With so many tools, security and privacy are often an afterthought despite the increasing number of websites that fall victim to data breaches and security vulnerabilities each day. In the wake of the Heartbleed data security flaw discovered last week, here are measures teachers can take to secure school data.

The Upside and Dark Side of Collecting Student Data

As learning increasingly moves toward the digital landscape, the role of data is also coming under more scrutiny. Every time a student browses the Internet or uses an app for learning, trace data is created, and thus the potential to use it for the benefit of that student. A slew of companies and products offer … Continue reading The Upside and Dark Side of Collecting Student Data →

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