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To Inspire Learning, Architects Reimagine Learning Spaces

As schools refocus on team-based, interdisciplinary learning, they're moving away from standardized, teach-to-test programs that assume a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching. Instead, there is a growing awareness that students learn in a variety of ways, and the differences should be supported. With that in mind, here's how one architecture firm is redesigning learning spaces.

For Back to School, Reimagine Classroom Design

By Therese Jilek As the school year begins, most classrooms across the country will mirror traditional class design: rows of desks with passive children sitting quietly listening to a teacher in the front of the class. But not at Hartland-Lakeside. Across the Hartland-Lakeside school district in Hartland, Wisconsin, teachers have transformed their Industrial Age classrooms … Continue reading For Back to School, Reimagine Classroom Design →

How Would You Design the Modern Classroom?

Why do our kids’ classrooms look exactly the same as our grandparents’?  Slate’s Linda Perlstein asks this question and solicits ideas from the public on how to modernize American classrooms. The site will pick a winner from all the responses, and the design, they say, may be built as a model classroom in a new … Continue reading How Would You Design the Modern Classroom? →

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