Temple Run Meets Algebra: CK12’s New Approach

Temple Run What does the popular video game Temple Run have anything to do with algebra? Just a few clicks into CK12’s free educational content site, you’ll see it’s leveraged as a real-world application of using algebra to compare the difference between the top scores of the game. The simple tactic of using references like … Continue reading Temple Run Meets Algebra: CK12’s New Approach →

Eighth grade students at Presidio Middle School share an iPad while working on a lesson.

Five Ways Silicon Valley is Changing Education

There’s no argument that Silicon Valley startups have influenced how businesses operate. The fact that most companies now count social media strategy as a crucial part of their operation is a testament to the Internet culture infiltrating far beyond the Internet-only based businesses. The same phenomenon is happening in education. Here are five ways tech-based … Continue reading Five Ways Silicon Valley is Changing Education →


How Free is “Free”?

The article about CK12’s open-source digital FlexBooks compelled a reader to respond with someĀ  questions. He writes: I have developed a strong interest in open or free text ever since I purchased a brand new grey-market, European textbook for 60 dollars, a full third of what Americans pay for the same biology book. I also … Continue reading How Free is “Free”? →

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