Why Extra Curricular Activities Are Not Extra

School districts have been quick to cut music and art programs when budgets get tight, focusing instead on "employable" skills like math and science. But there's a strong body of research indicating that neglecting the arts in school puts students at a cognitive disadvantage throughout life.

Creative Classes: An Artful Approach To Improving Performance

Lizzie Chen /NPR By Elizabeth Blair, NPR Over the years, there have been a lot of claims about the benefits of the arts on the mind: Listening to Mozart makes you smarter; playing an instrument makes you better at math. One program — funded in part by the federal government — is putting these theories … Continue reading Creative Classes: An Artful Approach To Improving Performance →

How the Arts Can Be Integrated into Every Subject

In this powerful video by Edutopia, we learn how a public school in Annapolis, Maryland has found a way to integrate the arts into every aspect of school life. Using the lens of art to ask critical thinking questions, students from all backgrounds have blossomed as a result.

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