How to Hold Onto a Kid’s Natural Genius

In many schools, students are asked to shut down what makes them special in order to conform. But standing out is critical in this world. Here are some ways to help kids understand and embody intangible but important things like imagination, curiosity, self-awareness, perseverance, courage, adaptability, and passion.


How Do We Define and Measure “Deeper Learning”?

Flickr:Saxtourigr In preparing students for the world outside school, what skills are important to learn? This goes to the heart of the research addressed in the Deeper Learning Report released by the National Research Council of the National Academies of Science in Washington. Simply defined, “deeper learning” is the “process of learning for transfer,” meaning … Continue reading How Do We Define and Measure “Deeper Learning”? →


Does Our Current Education System Support Innovation?

Flickr:Flickingerbrad By Aran Levasseur Innovation is the currency of progress. In our world of seismic changes, innovation has become a holy grail that promises to shepherd us through these uncertain and challenging times. And there isn’t a more visible symbol of innovation than the iPad. It’s captured the hearts and minds of disparate subcultures and … Continue reading Does Our Current Education System Support Innovation? →


Putting 21st Century Skills to Action

What do educators mean when they talk about 21st century skills? If they’re referring to things like collaboration, resourcefulness, smart use of technology, and problem-solving, here’s strong evidence showing how these skills are becoming a natural part of students’ daily lives. Sharon Noguchi writes in the San Jose Mercury News about the changes student activists … Continue reading Putting 21st Century Skills to Action →

Creating is Learning

On Sunday, Feb. 13, PBS will air “Digital Media – New Learners Of The 21st Century,” a look at how technology is being integrated into the learning process. One huge shift in the new learning process: Going from the current focus on learning content to “learning tools and the skills to be creator of remaking … Continue reading Creating is Learning →

Reporter's notebook

Why Every Student Should Learn the Skills of a Journalist

Flickr: sskennel How do we make schools more relevant to students? Teach them the skills they need in the real world, with tools they use every day. That’s exactly what Esther Wojcicki, a teacher of English and journalism at Palo Alto High School, is attempting to do with the recent launch of the website 21STCenturyLit. … Continue reading Why Every Student Should Learn the Skills of a Journalist →

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