Summer Learning Series

Three Awesome Video Games That Help Kids Make Their Own Games

Summer break presents the perfect opportunity for students to dig into games and build skills that'll reap huge rewards when they return in the fall. Game making can be one of the best ways to get students thinking creatively while cultivating useful technical literacies, and there's a ton of absorbing tools that students won't tire of over the long break. Here are three options to choose from depending on the type of technology students have at home.

How to Get Kids Hooked on Nonfiction Books This Summer

The long hot days of summer are the perfect time for kids to hone their knowledge of the wizard world, King Arthur’s court or the magical land of Narnia. And while many summer reading lists are sent home with the hope that students will bone up on fiction during the dog days, reading nonfiction can be just as beneficial -- and just as exciting -- as a great novel.

Six Great Online Games for Summer Learning

By Almetria Vaba Summer can be a great opportunity to leverage a child’s interest in specific subjects, like science or history, with their fascination for digital games. PBS LearningMedia, launched a year ago, has a robust collection of free interactive games to experiment, manipulate, and investigate. Amusement Park Physics How do physics laws affect amusement … Continue reading Six Great Online Games for Summer Learning →

10 Awesome Outdoor Summer Learning Ideas

Thinkstock By Jennie Rose Summer can be a mixed bag, a combination of relief from the stress of school, followed by boredom, the bugaboo of a creative mind. The break from school offers a chance to carve out enriching, fun projects and beat the doldrums brought about by summer loafing. The warm weather is a … Continue reading 10 Awesome Outdoor Summer Learning Ideas →

Preventing the Summer Slide with DIY Tech and Science Projects

Continuing our summer slide series, in which we’ve offered ideas on how to keep learners’ math and literacy skills sharpened, we now turn our focus to science and tech-related ideas. The summer months provide a great opportunity for students to work on projects that help extend some of the ideas they might have learned during … Continue reading Preventing the Summer Slide with DIY Tech and Science Projects →