Kids and Coding

Demand for Computer Science Classes Grows, Along With Digital Divide

It's estimated that only about 10 percent of K-12 schools teach computer science. Some companies are trying to fill a void in American public education by teaching kids computer programming basics. The push comes amid projections that there will be far more tech sector jobs than computer science graduates to fill them.

Learn to Code, Code to Learn

In this demo-filled talk MIT’s Mitch Resnick, one of the main creators of the kids coding program called Scratch, outlines the benefits of teaching kids to code, so they can do more than just “read” new technologies — but also create them. “As kids are creating projects like this, they’re learning to code, but even … Continue reading Learn to Code, Code to Learn →

Should Kids Learn to Code in Grade School?

TB By Sheena Vaidyanathan Deep into the digital age, the need for everyone to understand and learn programming is becoming more and more apparent. Codecademy, Coursera and other education start-ups are stepping in to fill the much-needed gap to teach adults to code. For kids, non-profits like CodeNow are raising funds to run summer programming … Continue reading Should Kids Learn to Code in Grade School? →

Introducing Programming to Preschoolers

Flickr: AngryJulieMonday By Heather Chaplin Since MIT’s Lifelong Kindergarten group released Scratch in 2007, kids ages 8 to 13 have built more than 2.2 million animations, games, music, videos and stories using the kid-friendly programming language. Scratch allows kids to snap together graphical blocks of instructions, like Lego bricks, to control sprites—the movable objects that … Continue reading Introducing Programming to Preschoolers →