Tina Barseghian

Why We Collaborate

"The world has over a trillion hours a year of free time to commit to shared projects," says professor Clay Shirky. But what motivates dozens, thousands, even millions of people to come together on the Internet and commit their time to a project for free? What is the key to making a successful collaboration work? In this hour, TED speakers unravel ideas behind the mystery of mass collaborations that build a better world.

Bypassing the SAT Altogether

A look at how students can bypass the SAT to get into a reputable college. “It’s kind of declaring war on the whole rigmarole of college admissions and the failure to foreground the curriculum and learning,” Leon Botstein, Bard’s president of 38 years, said in an interview. Saying the prevailing system was “loaded with a … Continue reading Bypassing the SAT Altogether →

Why L.A. Students Hacked Into iPads: District Is ‘Locking Us Out’

Los Angeles Unified School District started issuing iPads to its students this school year, as part of a $30 million deal with Apple. But less than a week after getting their iPads, hundreds of students had found a way to bypass software blocks meant to limit what websites the students can use.

Tablets for Learning: Emphasis on Capturing Students’ Voices

As more schools across the country begin to use tablets in classrooms, it’s worth taking the time to note how other countries are incorporating tablets for learning. In this Slate article, Lisa Guernsey points out that the emphasis is less on games and interactive content and more on the iPad as a tool for capturing experiences.

Good Read: Searching For the True Value of Tablets in Education

In this lengthy feature about the use of Amplify tablets in schools, writer Carlo Rotella expresses skepticism about the promised potential of these devices providing a better education. He brings up the usual questions around too much screen time, the deluge of data to already overwhelmed teachers, and the lack of research around learning outcomes from using tablets.

Good Read: How Will Robot Tutors Change What Happens in Classrooms?

“At what point does the teacher step in to give tailored instruction to the student?” Carmel DeAmicis asks in this article When Your Teacher Is A Robot. “In theory, it would help every student progress at their own pace, teaching different aspects of the concepts they struggle with and moving quickly through the ones they don’t. … Continue reading Good Read: How Will Robot Tutors Change What Happens in Classrooms? →

Good Read: Where Do Nonconformist Kids Fit?

Elizabeth Weil’s in-depth feature in The New Republic covers a gamut of important topics, including social-emotional learning, creativity, perseverance, all in the context of how to help children who don’t fall into our school system’s rigid confines. Source: Newrepublic Of the possible child heroes for our times, young people with epic levels of the traits … Continue reading Good Read: Where Do Nonconformist Kids Fit? →

Making Mistakes: Why They’re Crucial for Learning

We try so hard to be perfect, to never make mistakes and to avoid failure at all costs. But mistakes happen — and when they do — how do we deal with being wrong? In this episode, TED speakers look at those difficult moments in our lives, and consider why sometimes we need to make mistakes and face them head-on.