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Questioning the Common Core: What Will Be the Lasting Impact?

  Lots of interesting fodder for conversation in this PBS Newshour piece, which attempts to put the evolution of the Common Core in context with current changes. Key points raised in the discussion include the role of standardized testing, teachers’ apprehension around Common Core assessments, and renewed attention and focus on teacher education programs.  

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How to Tap Into Kids’ Creative Confidence

OpenIDEO “How might be inspire young people to cultivate their creative confidence?” That was the challenge posed by OpenIDEO several months ago: asking participants to “design fun, inspiring and new ways to help teenagers and young adults around the world preserve and nurture their own creative confidence. At a time when our world faces unprecedented … Continue reading How to Tap Into Kids’ Creative Confidence →

One Moment Meditation

Got a Minute? Try Meditating!

We all know by now that meditating benefits us in all kinds of ways. But who has time to meditate? Author Martin Boroson suggests that taking just one moment out of our busy days to meditate can get us started on the path to becoming more focused and better able to deal with life's events. All it takes is one moment. Who can't spare just one moment?

What Compels Teachers to Quit – Or to Stay?

In addition to the many reasons listed as to why teachers quit their profession in this article, the author also identifies why they stay: “Those schools that do a far better job of managing and coping with and responding to student behavioral issues have far better teacher retention,” says [educator and researcher Richard Ingersoll]. And, … Continue reading What Compels Teachers to Quit – Or to Stay? →


Learn to Code, Code to Learn

In this demo-filled talk MIT’s Mitch Resnick, one of the main creators of the kids coding program called Scratch, outlines the benefits of teaching kids to code, so they can do more than just “read” new technologies — but also create them. “As kids are creating projects like this, they’re learning to code, but even … Continue reading Learn to Code, Code to Learn →

Why Student-Centered Learning Can Change the World

“So,” Juárez Correa said, “what do you want to learn?” Correa asked his students this question in an attempt to bring student-centered learning to an impoverished Mexican town located near a dump where it’s not uncommon to find dead bodies on the street. With that question, Correa not only gave his students something to look forward to in coming to school, but also a clear path to “measurable” achievement.

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Four Tips to Keep Students on Track When Using Devices in Class

Bringing technology into the classroom comes with a unique set of challenges, some of which could make classroom  management more difficult if teachers don’t think out strategies beforehand. It’s hard for teachers to keep students focused on their work when they’ve got the internet at their fingertips. Early adopters of one-to-one device programs discovered with … Continue reading Four Tips to Keep Students on Track When Using Devices in Class →


Design Thinking, Deconstructed

At the Nueva School in Hillsborough, Calif., design thinking is built into students' and teachers' everyday lives. The process, which is an approach to learning that includes considering real-world problems, research, analysis, building by hand, and lots of experimentation, is documented and shared among staff.

How Do Parents’ Cut-Throat Tactics Affect Kids?

In this thought-provoking feature in New York Magazine this week, a parent grapples with the ethics of intervening to give kids a “leg up.” “The kids who learn the lesson of cynicism may in fact suffer less than those who don’t. What parents are really telling children with their constant intervening is that there’s no … Continue reading How Do Parents’ Cut-Throat Tactics Affect Kids? →


The Importance of Fostering Kids’ Creative Confidence

When people say, “I’m just not the creative type,” IDEO founder David Kelley refutes that assumption with the idea that if they stick with it long enough, their creativity will inevitably come through. Kelley talks about the idea of “guided mastery” — it’s a practice that parents and educators can use to help kids find … Continue reading The Importance of Fostering Kids’ Creative Confidence →

Can Music Help Low-Income Students Close the Academic Gap?

Fascinating research: “Children’s brains show evidence of faster development when they are learning to play an instrument. And studies comparing the brains of adult musicians and non-musicians find the most pronounced enhancements in brain structure in those who began their music training early in childhood.” Using Music to Close the Academic GapSeveral times a week, … Continue reading Can Music Help Low-Income Students Close the Academic Gap? →