The Comedy Central duo “Key and Peele” are bringing some much-needed levity to the discussion of education. Their SportsCenter parody “TeachingCenter” replaces the NFL draft with the “High School Teacher Draft” and highlights the best classroom play of the week. But jokes aside, what if our star teachers commanded million dollar salaries and the poorest performing schools got to pick the best teachers? Would our education system be stronger and more equitable?

What If Teachers Were Treated Like Pro Athletes? 29 July,2015MindShift

  • Kendra Hunding

    I have long “joked” about this but this talented duo did a brilliant job of biting social commentary through satire. Genius!

  • sleeplessinsarasota

    Love this, especially the ‘play of the day’ clip. There should be a Hall of Fame too!

  • Carin Mehler

    I would love to see football players treated like teachers. How about Tom Brady sits in a rubber room for a little while. Let him ask someone for permission to go to the bathroom.

  • gregoirebolduc

    Very well done! And wouldn’t be something if education was taken as seriously as pro sports are?? Teachers have real impact on this country’s present and future than sports ever will…

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