Can rap help kids understand tricky math concepts? Or the complex boom-and-bust cycle of the economy? There are hundreds of videos on YouTube that make that attempt.

This one (below), called Teach Me How To Factor, a parody of Teach Me How To Dougie by Cali Swag District, is produced by students at Westerville South High School, in Westerville, Ohio, and has gotten more than half a million views.

It’s one of the top educational rap videos on YouTube, curated by the YouTubeEDU staff, that covers everything from prefixes and suffixes to state capitals to factoring to the phases of the moon. Check it out:

  • Mary Madsen

    It’s a fact that things like music can help kids remember things better and for longer periods of time. I love this video and wish I had something along these lines growing up when I was learning math. 

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