An excellent video by Hip Hop Genius illustrating (literally) how hip hop can teach language arts, innovation and value of community.


Text by Sam Seidel (@husslington), an educator, hip-hop artist and author, and Tim Natividad (@timnatividad), and beat by DJ Tek.

The drawings were done by Mike McCarthy, a student at College Unbound (, a school that exemplifies many of the values espoused in the film. the entire video was shot in College Unbound’s seminar space, where Mike has built a studio for his company Drawn Along (

The end sequence was shot by Graham Wheeler, a recent graduate of the East Bay Met (, a high school that also embodies many of the principles of Hip Hop Genius. Graham and Mike edited the whole video as well.

  • Melanie West

    Whether you resonant with the music or not, the soul message behind this is RIGHT on! Thank you for this inspiring post….may the beat go on!

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