Matthew Green

Matthew Green produces and edits The Lowdown, KQED’s multimedia news education blog, an online resource for educators and the general public. He previously taught journalism at Fremont High School in East Oakland, and has written for numerous local publications, including the Oakland Tribune and San Francisco Chronicle. Email:; Twitter: @KQEDlowdown

What Are Traffic Waves and Why Do They Happen So Much?

Select a car from the bunch, click “Hit the Brakes” to slow it down and watch the traffic wave form. The red bars show deceleration levels (braking) and the green, acceleration (speeding up). Mouse over any car to see its velocity and acceleration at any given point during the wave (assuming all the cars are … Continue reading What Are Traffic Waves and Why Do They Happen So Much? →

Weren’t the Pilgrims Refugees Too?

Regardless of where you stand on the question of admitting Syrian refugees into the United States, there is a certain undeniable irony in watching this heated political debate unfold during Thanksgiving, a national holiday centered around (symbolically, at least) concepts of gratitude, benevolence and coexistence.