Distributing enough water to everyone has never been an easy task in perennially thirsty California. But making sure that residents, farms and the environment are all sufficiently hydrated becomes a particularly difficult balancing act during prolonged periods of drought. Simply put, there’s just not enough to go around. Cartoon journalist Andy Warner — whose last piece focused on California agriculture — explains the complicated math of water distribution in the Golden State. View below as a slideshow or full graphic. 

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For more on water distribution in California:

California Department of Water Resources

UC Davis Agricultural Issues Center: Measure of California Agriculture

SelfPortraitAndy Warner’s comic journalism has been published by Symbolia, Slate, popsci.com, American Public Media, Campus Progress and more. You can see more of his work at: andywarnercomics.com and andywarnercomics.tumblr.com

  • Shane Algarin

    Short showers may feel good. In reality residents use a tenth of the water. The one reality is we can grow the worlds food in good times, but these are not good times and our governor knows it!

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